The Trip

The black lines are in the truck, the red line is on the bikes

At 9:09 PM on August 9th, Chaka will be arriving at the Canton Akron (Ohio) Airport. I’ll be there with a loaded truck to begin our journey.

Todd will be at work August 10th, so he will fly to Albuquerque, NM on the morning of the 11th. We will drive from the Akron airport, to the Albuquerque airport to pick Todd up. As I write this, I realize I’m running an airport shuttle service, so I think I’ll get a basket for tips.

In Albuquerque, we will unload the bikes, and we will all head North. Todd and I on bikes, and Chaka running a parallel route on (hopefully) nearby roads. The other guys did not notice yet, but my truck is a 2 wheel drive, so off roading in the truck is not really an option.

Chaka has not complained yet, but my guess is that waking up in San Diego, crossing 3 time zones and almost 2500 miles to arrive at sunset in Akron, Ohio, only to be shoved into a slightly smelly truck, to go back over 2 of those time zones, and 1500 miles to get 60% of the way back home is not going to be his happiest day. Of course I built in 4 hours of rest time (gas stops included) on this 26 hour drive. I say the truck is slightly smelly, because I’ve been leaving the windows down for the past week to air it out, and that is really doing the trick.

We plan on taking about 2 weeks to ride North to the Canadian border. Our maps have directions like “.7 miles- Cross Cattleguard. Next several miles traverse private land” followed by “1.6 miles- Pass through Dike”, so I’m sure we will not get lost.

From there, Chaka will fly home, and Todd and I will drive the truck the final 2000 miles back to Kent, Ohio.

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