The Team

The author and his family

Todd and Jill
The keeper of the maps, and the Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

The getaway driver, and nicest guy alive

This is the team. You can read more about each of us by clicking on the pictures.

4 comments on “The Team

  1. I ride a Hyperstrada and am taking it on it tour of CO, about 50/50 roads/dirt. Would you still cut grooves on the D616? I really rather not go with TKC80s.

    • Hi Patrick,
      We were fortunate and saw almost no rain on our entire trip. If it is dry, I would not cut the D616. I think any DOT tire would work fine. At the end of our trip I rode on a bald tire, and then a stock DOT, and noticed no difference from when I had the extra grooves. If it gets wet, it might be a whole different story, but you might just be able to park and wait for it to pass if it gets too bad.
      Enjoy your ride!

  2. Great, I am leaving my 616 untouched then. Thank you so much for the advice and inspiring me to take my Duc off-road. In case you are interested, I am posting a RR on ADV. We start our trip on 8/1.

    On more question, how about the gearing? Was 1st too tall for the trails/passes? Did you put in a larger rear or smaller front sprocket? I have done jeep roads around my house in Woodland Park, but nothing too rocky or challenging and it seemed fine.


    • I left the gearing as it came. Most of what we rode was not too technical, so I never had a problem. I can’t even remember being bothered by the gearing when it was very technical. I think stock will be fine for you. Enjoy your trip, and I’ll be watching your thread.

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