7 comments on “Day 3. Grants to Cuba

  1. The landscape there is amazingly beautiful, but probably not so much when you’re lost. Glad you made it back safe and sound. Hope tomorrow goes better!

  2. I think the adventure has begun for you guys!! Lessons learned? Always have water, food, extra fuel and shelter for the “unexpected” night out in the wilderness. Exploring the CD trail is not for the ‘inexperienced’ souls even though it is “mapped” with the GPS. I look for your blog each day to follow your adventures. I wish I had given Todd my SPOT so all of us could have followed your ride each day…we would know when you were LOST!!

    Mike Mathews (Globerider2002)

    • Now you tell us. Just kidding, Todd said he talked with you quite a bit before we left.

      We have decided to stop following the GPS, and only follow the Great Divide maps. This has cut down on the number of lost incidences, yet we still make many u turns, and slow down at every intersection.

      Todd says Hi!

  3. Please note that there are many sections of the CD trail where you will not have cell phone service. It is still one of the more remote rides in the USA.

    • You said it, Mike. Keeping in touch with family (or updating a blog for that matter) takes some real planning. It also takes negotiating with riding partners who would rather be riding than sitting in a Wifi hot spot all afternoon!

  4. What a crazy wonderful scary day. I was glad not to read that vultures were not flying around in a circle above your heads out in the dessert when two got lost. One time I was driving a Ford festevia about 50the miles per hour on frost road on pavement then it turned into gravelly road. I ended up in a swamp of cat tails. It was shocking and funny. I could imagine being on a bike would be terrifying. That’s me though. Keep riding and writting.

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